A Tale of Feathers and Friendship: The Unlikely Bond Between Peacocks, Squirrels, and Me

A delightful peacock visits us at our home daily, eagerly looking for some grains. Sometimes, we treat it with groundnuts and biscuits, which it adores. It has developed a special fondness for biscuits and now expects them daily. As a result, we have started offering biscuits to our feathered friend regularly.

To our surprise, the peacock’s charm seems to have spread, as squirrels and pigeons have joined the daily gatherings. Seeing these different animals coming together becomes quite a delightful sight.

This wonderful photo was taken six years ago, and to this day, the peacock family captured in it continues to grace my home with their daily visits. It’s truly remarkable how they have maintained this tradition for a long time.

Peacock Dance

Peacock sitting with long feather

It’s heartwarming to witness peacocks and peahens happily feasting on grains together. As time passed, squirrels began to notice the peacock’s presence and gradually started approaching the grain-filled area. After a month or two, something magical happened – the peacock and the squirrels started sharing their meals, creating a delightful scene of unity among these different creatures.

Most beautiful peacock in the world

Peacock 6 years ago
Peacock opening Feather and eating Biscuits
Peacock and Squirrels eating together
Peacock and Peahens eating together
Long feather Peacock eating grains
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Beautiful Peacock Footprints

During one of my peaceful moments spent by the riverbank, I was fortunate enough to witness numerous peacocks gracefully wandering across the sandy terrain. Their footprints left behind a truly awe-inspiring pattern. I couldn’t resist capturing the beauty in a photograph, forever preserving that remarkable sight.

One of my favourite pastimes is spending quality time with birds and animals. It brings me so much joy, and I truly cherish these moments. Thank you for taking the time to read about my experiences with these wonderful creatures!